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Pão de mel Decorado

Aprenda a forma mais fácil de decorar seu pão de mel!

Depois que você fizer o seu pão de mel, cubra-o de chocolate e deixe secar.

Quando já estiver totalmente seco, você pode escolher um bowl da sua preferência ( só não esqueça que ele precisa ter tampa).

Adicione os confeitos de Miçanga e uma das cores da nossa linha SHINE dentro do bowl.

Depois é só colocar o pão de mel, colocar a tampa e balançar até que o brilho tenha criado uma cobertura completa para o seu doce.

Fácil e lindo, não é mesmo?

Agora coloca aqui nos comentários o que achou dessa dica e se ficou com alguma dúvida!

Mothers Day

Mother's Day with Iceberg Chef

Mother's Day is almost here and to inspire you with amazing and perfect recipes to make and sell at this time of year, we have produced a very special catalog that you can access here for free!

Available on the link below:ãe-com-amor-da-confeitaria-2.pdf

Enjoy and comment here for us, what's your favorite mother's day recipe 🙂


Learn how to make Cheesecake Souflè: a dessert capable of conquering everyone's palate!

Have you ever heard of Cheesecake Souflè?

It's a much creamier and lighter version than popularly known recipes!

Today we brought you a recipe for this wonderful dessert for you to try: 😉

✨100g of butter

✨300g of Cream Cheese

✨130ml of whole milk

✨8 yolks

✨60g of wheat

✨8 whites

✨60g of starch

✨60g Iceberg Chef icing sugar

✨60g of refined sugar

✨Iceberg Chef release agent for greasing.

Method of preparation:

Place all the cream cheese with the milk and butter on low heat, let it heat up, turn it off and set aside.

Outside the fire, incorporate the yolks into this warm mixture, using a fouet.

Then beat the egg whites with all the sugar until peaks form.

Gradually add the wheat and the sifted starch to the yolk mixture, then the whites in snow, incorporate all the ingredients and bake in a bain-marie at 170C!

The result is simply amazing! light, super fluffy and creamy🤩

How about doing it and telling us what you think?


American Pancake Recipe

Today's #receitaicebergchef: Super Soft American Pancake🤩


-2 eggs

-120ml of milk

-220g of wheat flour

– 25g of refined sugar

– 10g of yeast for cake

– Iceberg Chef vanilla aroma

-nutmeg to taste

– Liquid Gel dye according to the desired colors

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, place the eggs, milk and aroma, mixing until smooth.

In another bowl, place all the dry ingredients and then mix with the liquids with the aid of a fouet.

Then just divide and color the dough! take it to the skillet of the size you want!😉

How about doing it at home?


Buttered Biscuit Recipe

Our impalpable sugar butter cookies turned out wonderful!

write down the MUST-HAVE recipe:

150g unsalted butter

100g impalpable sugar Iceberg Chef

150g of wheat flour

1 egg

1 tsp Iceberg Chef Vanilla Flavor

1 and 1/2 teaspoon of yeast

Method of preparation:

Add all ingredients to an electric mixer on medium speed, until well blended and creamy in texture.

Then place the dough in the pastry bag and shape the cookies into the shape you want, in a baking sheet.

Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes, let it cool and it's ready to serve.

You can also add pieces of guava, chocolate chips and candied fruit!

It becomes divine😋

How about doing it at home?

Valuable Tips and Techniques

Roll Cake Recipe

Who out there LOVES roll cake? 😍

This typical Pernambuco sweet, filled with a thin layer of creamy guava paste, won hearts all over Brazil!

It may sound like it, but it's not that simple to do! therefore, in this post we have some fundamental tips to make the traditional cake roll perfectly.

✨ Roll cake dough will not leaven!

So that the dough is VERY thin, the tip is to prepare the base using only butter, sugar, flour and eggs, no yeast! otherwise your layers will not be as perfect as they should be.

✨ Remember to grease the pan with parchment paper and with the aid of a flat spatula, distribute an even and thin layer of dough, otherwise your cake will have higher and lower parts, making it difficult to roll up.

✨ The filling layer must be almost transparent! no fancy work on guava fruit😂

For a perfect roll cake, the ideal is to spread a little filling, just enough to be able to see and taste.

✨ The traditional thing is to fill it with creamy guava shell, but it is delicious with creamy coconut candy, dulce de leche or chocolate cream 🧡

Did you like the tips? now you have everything to prepare a beautiful and delicious roll cake!


Fudge recipe

Chocolate Fudge is a popular candy in the United States and England, it has a soft texture and can be prepared with dried fruit and toasted nuts.

According to American confectionery books, the candy came from a recipe that went wrong and resulted in a soft and tasty chocolate bar that appealed to North Americans and was later named Fudge😋

There are numerous variations of recipes, it can be made with both milk and semisweet chocolate and white chocolate! today we brought you a great recipe for you to try and tell us what you think 😉


-30g of chopped apricot

-40g of lightly roasted almonds in the pan

-25g unsalted butter

-320g of semisweet chocolate 55% cocoa (or milk if you prefer)

-5ml of vanilla or fruit essence

-150g of condensed milk

Method of preparation:

In a saucepan, place all the chocolate, condensed milk and butter, mixing until melted and becoming a smooth mixture. remove from heat and add essence, chopped almonds and apricot.

In a baking dish lined with parchment paper, place the mixture and spread well, refrigerating for at least 2 hours until it acquires a firm texture, cut into squares and decorate the way you prefer!

How about doing it at home?

Valuable Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

When the subject is meregue, it is essential to know the variations and their differences! especially for those starting in the confectionery world.

There are 3 main types of meringue, they are: Italian, Swiss and French.

Italian meringue is made with sugar syrup. As soon as it reaches the ideal temperature of 120ºC, it goes to the mixer with the egg whites in snow until it cools down and reaches the meringue point! it is ideal for producing marshmallows.

The Swiss meringue, known to be the most stable, is made from egg white syrup with sugar, which must be on the fire until all the sugar is dissolved, then this mixture goes to the mixer until it reaches the sweet spot! this meringue is perfect for decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes and making meringues! It is ideal for blow torches, in addition to having greater durability.

The Frances meringue is known for being the easiest and most traditional! just place the egg whites and sugar in an electric mixer and beat until you reach the desired point.

This type of meringue is the least stable, but it's great for baking desserts.

We hope you enjoyed the tips!