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Biscoito degradê

A melhor técnica para decorar seus biscoitos!

Para começar essa preparação do melhor jeito, faça aquela massa de biscoito irresistível!

Por aqui escolhemos a paleta de tons laranja e amarelo, mas você pode escolher as cores da sua preferência para realizar essa técnica!!

Para produzir, basta você escolher as cores e coloca- las em saquinhos e ir colocando intercalado nos biscoitos. Depois é só espalhar as cores com uma espátula, ficando com esse efeito perfeito na sua produção de biscoitos! 🤩

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Grafitti Cake

Aprenda a forma mais fácil e surpreendente para decorar seus bolos!

First step:

Prepare seu bolo como preferir, depois é só escolher a cobertura que vai aplicar sobre o bolo!

Second step:

Escolha um estêncil que combine com a ocasião desejada.

Third step:

Você pode utilizar nossa gordura vegetal ou o spray impermeabilizante para aplicar sobre o estêncil antes de colocar no bolo!

Quarto passo:

Escolha quais cores do corante em spray você vai querer aplicar. Depois é só colorir o seu estêncil sobre o bolo e retirar o estêncil assim que finalizar e arrasar nas produções!

Não mancha o bolo, não marca e proporciona um bolo incrível, diferente e surpreendente.

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Pão de mel Decorado

Aprenda a forma mais fácil de decorar seu pão de mel!

Depois que você fizer o seu pão de mel, cubra-o de chocolate e deixe secar.

Quando já estiver totalmente seco, você pode escolher um bowl da sua preferência ( só não esqueça que ele precisa ter tampa).

Adicione os confeitos de Miçanga e uma das cores da nossa linha SHINE dentro do bowl.

Depois é só colocar o pão de mel, colocar a tampa e balançar até que o brilho tenha criado uma cobertura completa para o seu doce.

Fácil e lindo, não é mesmo?

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porcelain cover

Check out how to make the best icing for your cakes!

Ingredients :

200g Iceberg Chef icing sugar

25gr of coconut milk

25gr of condensed milk

White Iceberg Chef coloring

First step:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then add a few drops of white food coloring.

Second step:

Take this mixture to the microwave every 30 seconds, until it gets creamy, and at the desired point.

Third step:

When it's at the desired point, pour it over the cake, letting it fall naturally! Then let it dry and decorate by painting.

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Learn how to make the best velvety Brigadeiro

Tips on how to make the best velvety brigadeiro! To make the brigadeiro you will need: - Condensed milk - Cream - White chocolate - Butter Put all the ingredients in the pan and stir until it thickens. Then place the brigadeiro in a container and let it cool. When it's already cold, you can use our mold release agent to grease your hands to roll the sweets. To decorate you can choose the color you like the most from our velvety palette and mix this product with powdered milk. Pass the brigadiers in this mixture and then sift to obtain a thin and beautiful coverage. To give the final touch you can do like us, we chose one of our glitters from the SHINE line to stamp a heart and make it even more special! Did you like this tip? Put it here in the comments if you have any questions or tell us what you think! 

decorated cookie Tips Valuable Tips and Techniques

Iceberg Chef Tip: Watercolor Biscuit

Check out this amazing technique for decorating cookies!

First step:

Once you have prepared your cookie, use our royal icing which is very white to apply on top of it.

Second step:

Choose which colors you will apply on the cookie (prioritize colors that match), then just dilute the Liquid Gel dyes in an alcoholic solution and with a brush apply this little mixture over the icing.

Third step:

To finish and leave it with an even more special touch, you can choose one of the glitters from our SHINE line to sprinkle, spray or even do like us and use Nacarado Ouro diluted in an alcoholic solution to create the splash effect.

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Tips for decorating cupcakes

Check out three amazing tips to decorate cupcakes easily!

Tip 1: Choose smooth and firm fillings, preferably without porosity to facilitate nozzle decoration.

Tip 2: Use your creativity to choose different types of nozzles and spatulas.

Tip 3: Be careful with the filling level so you don't mess up your decoration and don't end up leaking.

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Mold Release Spray Tip

Far beyond cake batter! Iceberg Chef Mold Release Spray can make your day-to-day easier with different preparations✨

Check out other applications of this product that you may not know about yet:

1️⃣Perfect to grease your frying pan when making omelets, potato rosti and pancakes, without leaving your recipe greasy!

2️⃣For easily rolling brigadeiros and sweets without leaving any aftertaste.

3️⃣To grease your mold before baking cheese breads, quiches and pies. So you don't run the risk of your snacks sticking to the pan ✨

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Roll Cake Recipe

Who out there LOVES roll cake? 😍

This typical Pernambuco sweet, filled with a thin layer of creamy guava paste, won hearts all over Brazil!

It may sound like it, but it's not that simple to do! therefore, in this post we have some fundamental tips to make the traditional cake roll perfectly.

✨ Roll cake dough will not leaven!

So that the dough is VERY thin, the tip is to prepare the base using only butter, sugar, flour and eggs, no yeast! otherwise your layers will not be as perfect as they should be.

✨ Remember to grease the pan with parchment paper and with the aid of a flat spatula, distribute an even and thin layer of dough, otherwise your cake will have higher and lower parts, making it difficult to roll up.

✨ The filling layer must be almost transparent! no fancy work on guava fruit😂

For a perfect roll cake, the ideal is to spread a little filling, just enough to be able to see and taste.

✨ The traditional thing is to fill it with creamy guava shell, but it is delicious with creamy coconut candy, dulce de leche or chocolate cream 🧡

Did you like the tips? now you have everything to prepare a beautiful and delicious roll cake!

Valuable Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

When the subject is meregue, it is essential to know the variations and their differences! especially for those starting in the confectionery world.

There are 3 main types of meringue, they are: Italian, Swiss and French.

Italian meringue is made with sugar syrup. As soon as it reaches the ideal temperature of 120ºC, it goes to the mixer with the egg whites in snow until it cools down and reaches the meringue point! it is ideal for producing marshmallows.

The Swiss meringue, known to be the most stable, is made from egg white syrup with sugar, which must be on the fire until all the sugar is dissolved, then this mixture goes to the mixer until it reaches the sweet spot! this meringue is perfect for decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes and making meringues! It is ideal for blow torches, in addition to having greater durability.

The Frances meringue is known for being the easiest and most traditional! just place the egg whites and sugar in an electric mixer and beat until you reach the desired point.

This type of meringue is the least stable, but it's great for baking desserts.

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