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The idea that previously only existed on paper has now become a great success! Currently, Iceberg Chef has a complete line of confectionery and bakery products, with more than 500 products, available in stores throughout Brazil. Making the life of confectionery professionals more practical, colorful, with affordable and high quality products is our true purpose!  



Iceberg Chef's products were created to add even more quality to your recipes in a professional way with a high standard of quality.

Our products enrich and enhance your productions. Our mission is to develop products from noble raw materials.

Our dedication to creating innovative and practical products to meet consumer expectations, we add practicality, quality and flavor to your recipes.

Our products

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At Iceberg Chef you will find the best products and ingredients, perfect for your production. Our commitment is to create products with the very best to help your daily life.


We at Iceberg Chef, together with our technical center, create and test recipes with all the products manufactured by us and make it available to all our consumers.


Iceberg Chef creates Lucre Mais to help you. Here it is full of video lessons with tips, techniques and trends to help you expand your cake portfolio and improve your techniques. Short Release.

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