Undertaking in the Confectionery

Entrepreneurship - Presentation

The way you present your work makes all the difference when making sales!

It is very important to have good photos of your main works, in addition to a brief description containing the most relevant information such as your specialization, what type of products you work, delivery time, price range and payment methods.

We recommend creating a complete catalog containing all the images and information relevant to your way of working, as well as a brief history of who produces it.

It doesn't have to be super elaborate! but a well-organized catalog will surely make all the difference for your customers.

In this way, you will be valuing your work, giving credibility to your customers and further enhancing your ability to sell your services and products.😉

Do you have any questions about creating your catalog? leave it here in the comments and we'll help you 😃

Undertaking in the Confectionery


Did you know that it is possible to create a website very easily?

There are 3 great platforms for this! and the best: they are free or with low cost tools.

✨Google sites



With these platforms you can create a very complete website, professionalizing your business and facilitating your sales!

Take a look at these tips ⬇

✨Define and register a domain for your website based on the objective and main theme of your business.

Make sure there is no site with the same name.

✨Choose the ideal design for your page, develop an objective menu and customize it with the content you find relevant.

Use videos, photos of all products and testimonials from satisfied customers!

✨Important information that cannot be missed:

History and inspiration of your work, contact for orders and courses, social networks and a complete menu containing all the products and services you offer.

⠀ Tell us here in the comments, does your bakery already have an active professional website?