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Roll Cake Recipe

Who out there LOVES roll cake? 😍

This typical Pernambuco sweet, filled with a thin layer of creamy guava paste, won hearts all over Brazil!

It may sound like it, but it's not that simple to do! therefore, in this post we have some fundamental tips to make the traditional cake roll perfectly.

✨ Roll cake dough will not leaven!

So that the dough is VERY thin, the tip is to prepare the base using only butter, sugar, flour and eggs, no yeast! otherwise your layers will not be as perfect as they should be.

✨ Remember to grease the pan with parchment paper and with the aid of a flat spatula, distribute an even and thin layer of dough, otherwise your cake will have higher and lower parts, making it difficult to roll up.

✨ The filling layer must be almost transparent! no fancy work on guava fruit😂

For a perfect roll cake, the ideal is to spread a little filling, just enough to be able to see and taste.

✨ The traditional thing is to fill it with creamy guava shell, but it is delicious with creamy coconut candy, dulce de leche or chocolate cream 🧡

Did you like the tips? now you have everything to prepare a beautiful and delicious roll cake!

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