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Pão de mel Decorado

Aprenda a forma mais fácil de decorar seu pão de mel!

Depois que você fizer o seu pão de mel, cubra-o de chocolate e deixe secar.

Quando já estiver totalmente seco, você pode escolher um bowl da sua preferência ( só não esqueça que ele precisa ter tampa).

Adicione os confeitos de Miçanga e uma das cores da nossa linha SHINE dentro do bowl.

Depois é só colocar o pão de mel, colocar a tampa e balançar até que o brilho tenha criado uma cobertura completa para o seu doce.

Fácil e lindo, não é mesmo?

Agora coloca aqui nos comentários o que achou dessa dica e se ficou com alguma dúvida!


Fudge recipe

Chocolate Fudge is a popular candy in the United States and England, it has a soft texture and can be prepared with dried fruit and toasted nuts.

According to American confectionery books, the candy came from a recipe that went wrong and resulted in a soft and tasty chocolate bar that appealed to North Americans and was later named Fudge😋

There are numerous variations of recipes, it can be made with both milk and semisweet chocolate and white chocolate! today we brought you a great recipe for you to try and tell us what you think 😉


-30g of chopped apricot

-40g of lightly roasted almonds in the pan

-25g unsalted butter

-320g of semisweet chocolate 55% cocoa (or milk if you prefer)

-5ml of vanilla or fruit essence

-150g of condensed milk

Method of preparation:

In a saucepan, place all the chocolate, condensed milk and butter, mixing until melted and becoming a smooth mixture. remove from heat and add essence, chopped almonds and apricot.

In a baking dish lined with parchment paper, place the mixture and spread well, refrigerating for at least 2 hours until it acquires a firm texture, cut into squares and decorate the way you prefer!

How about doing it at home?

Valuable Tips and Techniques

Valuable Tips

When it comes to seasoning chocolate, many confectioners are still in doubt!🤔

Do you know what tempering is for?

The fat in cocoa butter can form different crystals when cooled. Among all crystals, only the so-called beta V and beta VI are stable and have the ideal melting point for chocolate. Tempering is the technique responsible for creating these stable crystals in the chocolate ensuring shine, resistance, ideal texture and the famous SNAP when we break a well tempered chocolate!

Today we are going to introduce you to some different ways to spice up your chocolate✨


Method done in marble stone with the aid of spatulas suitable for chocolate, in which the melted chocolate must be poured, spread and with the spatula moving the chocolate in order to create stable crystals until it reaches the ideal temperature for working.

2️⃣With Cocoa Butter

In this method, instead of creating stable crystals in the chocolate, the crystals themselves are added directly through cocoa butter, facilitating and speeding up the tempering process.

Known as one of the most practical and fastest methods.


Technique that consists of melting the entire portion of chocolate and then reserving 2/3 kept in a bain-marie with almost cold water, and 1/3 of chocolate kept in a bain-marie with lukewarm water.

You must add the heated chocolate directly to the chocolate that has been cooled, and stir continuously until it creates stable crystals and reaches its ideal temperature.

One of the most time-consuming and delicate methods!

Furthermore, it is also possible to season with Mycryo and by Silk method.🍫

It is noteworthy that the ideal temperatures to work are:

White chocolate 28°C/29°C

Milk chocolate 30°C

Dark chocolate at 31°C🍫

Tell us here in the comments, which method do you use?