Learn how to make Cheesecake Souflè: a dessert capable of conquering everyone's palate!

Have you ever heard of Cheesecake Souflè?

It's a much creamier and lighter version than popularly known recipes!

Today we brought you a recipe for this wonderful dessert for you to try: 😉

✨100g of butter

✨300g of Cream Cheese

✨130ml of whole milk

✨8 yolks

✨60g of wheat

✨8 whites

✨60g of starch

✨60g Iceberg Chef icing sugar

✨60g of refined sugar

✨Iceberg Chef release agent for greasing.

Method of preparation:

Place all the cream cheese with the milk and butter on low heat, let it heat up, turn it off and set aside.

Outside the fire, incorporate the yolks into this warm mixture, using a fouet.

Then beat the egg whites with all the sugar until peaks form.

Gradually add the wheat and the sifted starch to the yolk mixture, then the whites in snow, incorporate all the ingredients and bake in a bain-marie at 170C!

The result is simply amazing! light, super fluffy and creamy🤩

How about doing it and telling us what you think?