Valuable Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques

When the subject is meregue, it is essential to know the variations and their differences! especially for those starting in the confectionery world.

There are 3 main types of meringue, they are: Italian, Swiss and French.

Italian meringue is made with sugar syrup. As soon as it reaches the ideal temperature of 120ºC, it goes to the mixer with the egg whites in snow until it cools down and reaches the meringue point! it is ideal for producing marshmallows.

The Swiss meringue, known to be the most stable, is made from egg white syrup with sugar, which must be on the fire until all the sugar is dissolved, then this mixture goes to the mixer until it reaches the sweet spot! this meringue is perfect for decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes and making meringues! It is ideal for blow torches, in addition to having greater durability.

The Frances meringue is known for being the easiest and most traditional! just place the egg whites and sugar in an electric mixer and beat until you reach the desired point.

This type of meringue is the least stable, but it's great for baking desserts.

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